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    Basic knowledge before interior decoration

    2019-07-16 02:09
    Many friends do not know much about the basic knowledge of interior decoration. The decoration is also divided into many stages, and many friends are very curious about what the basic decoration includes. What does basic decoration mean? This is a question that many friends will ask. In simple terms, basic decoration refers to the work that must be completed in the early stages of decoration. The following editors briefly introduce the concept and various contents of basic decoration.
    Liyang Tianchen Decoration Engineering Company One of the basic knowledge of interior decoration: What does basic decoration include?
    1. Hydropower project: Mainly refers to the pavement of all waterways, circuits, and airways. The main materials used are strong and weak wires, water pipes, gas pipes, threading pipes, and locks;
    2. Masonry project: mainly refers to the paving of living room, bathroom, kitchen, balcony and floor tiles. Different paving locations require different work, for example: bedrooms need to be leveled, and bathrooms need to be backfilled and waterproofed.
    3.Painting engineering: Including the top surface of the wall, screeding, screeding, sanding, and painting the latex paint. Materials include putty powder, glue, primer, and topcoat;
    4. Woodworking project: It mainly refers to the decoration company's production of house cabinets according to the house design drawing. This is also a relatively important step in the entire decoration process, because it greatly affects the decoration effect of the house.
     Basic knowledge of interior decoration 2: understanding the basic decoration charge
    The charging situation of general basic decoration is divided into two types. One is to charge according to the size of the decorated room, and the current general charge range is mainly 300-400 yuan per square meter; the other is to charge according to the actual construction project.
    In fact, it is not very cost-effective to collect according to the decoration area, especially the part of the charge of the floor, because this part of the work is decorated by the floorer, charging according to the area, in addition to paying money to the floorer, we also have to Pay to the decoration company. Therefore, it is better for everyone to charge fees according to the actual construction project when performing basic decoration.
    Liyang Tianchen Decoration Engineering Company Basic knowledge of interior decoration III: purchase of materials and establishment of construction period
    Now many decoration companies will purchase the materials. This approach has certain risks. Because there are a lot of decoration companies that will charge a lot, and make money from it, bringing great losses to all of us. Therefore, when buying decoration materials, everyone better choose to buy in person.
    Before the decoration, you must agree with the decoration company on the deadline for the decoration, otherwise the decoration company may postpone the project. If the extension is one day, we need to pay one more day for the wages of the workers, which will bring great losses to our economy.
     Introduction to home improvement skills in six aspects of decoration knowledge from shallow to deep
    Home improvement is actually a very esoteric university question. Many places have some little tricks that I don't understand. Today we will tell you six skills in decoration.
    Thin: Floor decoration material: From the perspective of occupying less space and reducing the load on the floor, it should be as thin as possible. For example, marble slabs, as long as the construction quality is high, do not appear; "hollow" phenomenon, then choose 6-8 mm thick That's it. Curtains: Thin curtains are very popular. The first reason is that high-rise buildings do not need to worry too much about the sight of outsiders; the second is that aluminum alloy windows have a good seal, curtains are mainly decorative, and wind protection is auxiliary. Ceiling; the principle of thinness can increase the safety factor while occupying less space.
    Thick: In "soft decoration", thicker materials are very textured, such as bedspreads, sofa cushions, cushions, etc .; some people lower the height of the bed board and overlay the new and old Simmons mattresses to highlight the comfort and comfort of the bed. Warm. For a larger space, a thicker "floor" can be built to express the sense of layering and regionality of the space, giving people a "entrance to the room" environment atmosphere and enjoyment.
    Transparent: In view of the lack of indoor light, you can enhance the light transmission between rooms and "borrow light" from each other, such as the doors and partition walls of each room, which can be decorated with craft glass. It is also best to install glass on the facade of the furniture to allow the eyes to penetrate and enhance the sense of depth of the space.
    Leakage: There are "leak carving" furniture, ceilings, wall skirts, etc. And concealing the lighting source in the ceiling ceiling glass and other decorative objects, so that the light leaks out. These can increase the mystery of the room and improve the decoration level.
    Slim: Today's home space is very much like a "dwarf". Therefore, it is best to wear a "vertical vest" in the decoration. Therefore, use tall or vertical furniture with obvious color bars, and choose the decoration with vertical lines. Cloth and curtains can emphasize the vertical structure.
    Wrinkle: Home decoration, safety first. If there are elderly people and young children in the home, the floor material should be "slip-resistant" with "wrinkles". Secondly, smooth furniture and decorative materials are highly reflective, which can easily cause eye and psychological fatigue. However, the "rough" surface with "wrinkles" has the texture and simplicity, the beauty of strength, and the function of absorbing noise.

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